Băng keo điện Nitto Self-Fusing Butyl Rubber Tape No.15 chịu nhiệt và dòng cao 19mmx10m

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Băng keo điện Nitto Self-Fusing Butyl Rubber Tape No.15 chịu nhiệt và dòng cao 19mmx10m

Băng keo điện Nitto Self-Fusing Butyl Rubber Tape No.15 chịu nhiệt và dòng cao 19mmx10m

Nitto #15 Self Fusing Butyl Rubber Tape 10Mtr

Nitto 15 is a self-fusing, butyl rubber tape, widely used for the electrical insulation, protection, sealing, splicing, and termination of 6 to 22 kV cables. Nitto has eliminated the conventional need for a liner thereby reducing the time required to apply the tape. Nitto 15 has an excellent volume resistivity, a high breakdown voltage and a low dissipation factor. It is totally resistant to moisture, water and chemicals. Nitto 15 offers excellent electrical insulation, workability and weather protection. The product has a superior weatherability and ozone resistance and because of the linerless system a very short application frame. It completely self-amalgamates in two hours.


Excellent volume resistivity
High breakdown voltage
Low dissipation factor
Total resistance to moisture, water and chemicals
Superior weatherability and ozone resistance
Excellent workability
Completely self-amalgamating
Excellent electrical insulation

  • Isolation of constant force springs in cable joints
  • Incapsulation of cable joints and endconnections
  • Corrosion protection for repair of cable-isolation
  • Isolation and watertight sealing of cables and pipes which should be protected against moisture
  • Excellent vulcanising properties. When the tape is applied with a stretch of 80% , it will be vulcanized in 1 – 2 hours
  • No liner and therefore no wasting time for peeling the liner
  • No liner waste material
  • Excellent electrical properties. High isolation values and break down voltage
  • Excellent weather and water resistance
  • Fully resistant against moisture, water, and many chemicals
MaterialSelf-fusing butylrubber
Elongation at breakat least 550% at 23°C
Breakdown voltage44 kV/mm

Product Description

Nitto Self Fusing Butyl Rubber Tape No.15
Thickness: 20mm
Width: 3/4″
Length: 10m

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