Chai xịt tăng độ bóng và bảo vệ chống bụi bẩn, dầu mỡ cho mâm xe Sonax Rim Shield 436300 400ml

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Chai xịt tăng độ bóng và bảo vệ chống bụi bẩn, dầu mỡ cho mâm xe Sonax Rim Shield 436300 400ml

Chai xịt tăng độ bóng và bảo vệ chống bụi bẩn, dầu mỡ cho mâm xe Sonax Rim Shield 436300 400ml

Chai xịt giúp tăng độ bóng sáng cho mâm xe kim loại
Giúp chống thấm cho vành hiệu quả cao với các  tính chất tự làm sạch .
Bảo vệ tất cả nhôm, thép, mạ, crôm, vành bóng, phanh
Giúp dể dàng tẩy sạch những vết bẩn cứng đầu khác.
Bảo vệ hoàn hảo và kết quả bóng kéo dài đến 6 tuần
Dung tích: 400ml
Dể dàng sử dụng, hiệu quả nhanh 

SONAX Rim Shield keeps your wheels clean and protected!

FAST and EASY protection for all wheels!

SONAX Rim Shield is best described as magic in a can! This high-tech polymer coating is a FAST and EASY way to protect your wheels against the damaging affects of brake dust, road grime, dirt and oil. By blanketing your wheels in a super slippery, self-cleaning coating, SONAX Rim Shield actually works to keep your wheels cleaner in between regular washes. Speaking of washes, all you need to clean wheels that have been coated with SONAX Rim Shield is a mild car wash detergent, such as SONAX Gloss Shampoo.

Cleaning wheels is arguably the most tedious, laborious aspect of car care, so why not make it easier by coating your wheels with SONAX Rim Shield? This advanced German formula creates a thick, glossy barrier of protection that does not allow brake dust and road grime to adhere to your wheels’ finish. What does this mean for you? Your wheels stay cleaner, longer!

SONAX Rim Shield keeps your wheels clean and protected!
Simply spray on and walk away!

Wheels that are coated with SONAX Rim Shield will require up to 75% less time and effort to clean! You’ll be delighted at how dirt, grime and brake dust simply melts off the surface when blasted with a jet of water. What’s left will easily be removed with a Speed Master Wheel Brush and a mild car wash detergent.

FAST and EASY to apply – that’s the best description for SONAX Rim Shield. Thanks to its unique aerosol spray application, coating your wheels only takes SECONDS! Literally – seconds! Best of all, there’s no rubbing or buffing – simply spray on and walk away. When the coating wears off 6 to 8 weeks after initially being applied, simply re-coat and enjoy up to two more months of protection!

SONAX Rim Shield works best when applied to a wheel that has been properly cleaned and decontaminated. Use a color-changing wheel cleaner such as SONAX Full Effect or Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner prior to applying SONAX Rim Shield.
Use with confidence – SONAX Rim Shield is safe for ALL wheel finishes!
400 ml. (13.5 oz.)
Made in Germany


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Sonax recently launched their Wheel Rim Shield as an aerosol applied protectant designed specifically for wheels. Clean wheels make a huge difference on a vehicle, but caked on brake dust can be a huge pain to clean and the wheels will be dirty again in a few days even if the vehicle is still clean.

Enter: Wheel protectants. Just like your paint, a hydrophobic protectant will keep your wheels cleaner longer and make maintenance much easier. However, these days many wheels have tons of intricacies which make traditional paste-type paint sealants difficult if not impossible to apply thoroughly. Spray-on type products work well, but still need to be buffed off and can leave streaks in hard to reach places.

Enter: Aerosol sealants. The application process allows you to spray the product in every intricacy and not have to worry as much about drips and streaks as the atomization of the products is so fine. It makes it quick and easy to apply durable protection to your wheels!

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Ease of Application

  • Very easy to apply, simply spray on and wipe off with little to no effort. There is not much more I can say, it really is that easy!

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Hydrophobic Capabilities

  • As expected it was very hydrophobic. Wheels stayed cleaner longer, were much easier to clean, and beaded up water like crazy.


  • This is where, for me, the uncertainty of having a spot in my arsenal comes in. The product states it lasts about six weeks, which it does. Which would be great, if they had not invented Polymer Net Shield. For only .04/mL more you get a product that lasts six months and is just as easy to apply.


  • Sonax Wheel Rim Shield is a great product that does exactly what it says it will do. Easy to apply, excellent hydrophobic capabilities and looks amazing. However, the price difference to longevity ratio when compared to Polymer Net Shield makes it a difficult product to choose in my work.

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