Paste/xi đánh bóng bước 1 - xóa xước nhám/ xước xoáy tròn Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Gel Compound 1 liter 9BFZEPHIR

  • NH00570
  • Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Gel Compound was formulated for heavily weathered paintwork.
  • VOC compliant and body-shop safe.
  • Made in Italy.
  • 1 Liter (33 oz.)

Paste/xi đánh bóng bước 1 - xóa xước nhám/ xước xoáy tròn Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Gel Compound 1 liter 9BFZEPHIR

sản phẩm chuyên thiết kế dành để đánh xóa xước nhám P3000 và xước xoáy tròn bước 1

Sửa lỗi bề mặt sơn

Công thức đặt biệt không chứa silicone

Cách dùng: 

kết hợp với phớt bước 1

Nhỏ 3-4 giọt paste

đánh trên diện tích tầm: 45cm x 45cm

Dung tích: 1 lít

Thương hiệu Rupes - xuất xứ ITALIA


BigFoot abrasive compounds are the result of in-depth studies and research and consist of high quality abrasive mixes, all silicone free. The compounds are specifically designed for random orbital polishing. Random orbital polishing compounds require a unique formula to assure that the product has the perfect combination of viscosity and aggressiveness. These unique compositions result in a product whose consistency delivers the best possible solution for uniform distribution on the foam polishing pad. Four different types of compounds are available, each satisfying a particular polishing need.

ZEPHIR GLOSS is a high-performance compound  recommended for first step polishing. Its grain is the most “aggressive” of the BigFoot abrasives and is used for the rapid removal of marks and scratches.  At the same time Zephir is highly effective in restoring paints and creating a high degree of gloss

RUPES Zephir Gloss (Coarse Gel Compound) has proven itself to be ideal for use in situations where maximum levels of cut are required for major paint correction work, and offers a number of subtle benefits over rival cutting compounds. Firstly, it removes severe defects in intermediate and hard paint types relatively easily and without requiring the aid of a rotary polisher (it is designed to work best with RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishers). Secondly, it does this without drying out too quickly or generating an excessive amount of polishing dust. Thirdly, it buffs off cleanly and leaves paint feeling very smooth, which makes it a pleasure to use.

How to Use:

RUPES Zephir Gloss (Coarse Gel Compound) forms part of the RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishing System, and gives best results when used in conjunction with RUPES BigFoot Coarse Polishing Pads (Blue) and RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishers. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per 18” x 18” area, and these should be worked in thoroughly at 4000-5000 orbits per minute (speed 5-6 on RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital Polishers) until only a thin film remains. This film should then be buffed off using a PB Super Buffing Towel.




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